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Ford Falcon

2016 Ford Falcon Range Review
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Thumb- markeaton.infoStrong engines; spacious and comfortable.Thumb- markeaton.infoHistorically low resale values; missing some key features.
2018 HSV Maloo W1 'vs' 1971 Ford Falcon XY GT-HO Phase III comparison review
With the Aussie muscle car now gone, we gather the two greatest examples and discover that a 50-year rivalry is slowly being forgotten
All Aussie Showdown 2005: Holden Commodore SS vs Monaro CV8 vs Commodore SV8 vs...
Four sports V8s, a defending champ turbo and one very big surprise
All Aussie Showdown 2005: Holden Commodore SV6 vs Ford Falcon XR6 comparison
Not all Aussie sports sedans run V8s. We temperature-test the sporty six-packs
All Aussie Muscle Car Showdown 2005: Introduction
Australia’s latest performance cars visit the dyno, dragstrip and racetrack, and then the back of Bourke, to crown a new king of Aussie muscle cars
1999 Ford Falcon XR6 ute Unichip tune review: classic MOTOR
Morley stumped up his own XR6 ute for a Unichip electronic tickle
2019 Premcar Holy Grail Falcon feature review
Premcar brings the Falcon back from the dead, answering the prayers of the Ford faithful who were denied a modern-day GT-HO
2019 Premcar Holy Grail Falcon review
The ultimate Ford Falcon V8 driven on track
2004 Ford Falcon XR6T review: classic MOTOR
Thanks to its six-speed gearbox, the MkII XR6 Turbo got better
Barra-powered Ford XD Falcon – Video
Kent Battle’s XD is an old-school Falcon with new-school grunt
Holden vs Ford Part Three – Carnage episode 27
We put the finishing touches on our $2K budget bangers before hitting the track
Supercharged BA Falcon burnout car
Want some extra go for your Barra but not interested in a turbo? Well these boys have the answer for you
VIDEO: Premcar Holy Grail Falcon walkaround
Ex-Prodrive team cooks up modern-day Falcon ‘GT-HO’
New vs Used: Buy the new Ford Mustang GT or get a used Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint
Both are iconic, but which Blue Oval hero would you park in your driveway?
900hp Blown and injected Ford Falcon XY GT replica
A stunningly built XY GT replica with a 900hp, blown and injected twist!
Comparing wagons to SUVs
Do you really need an SUV? Or will a wagon do? Let us help you decide
Ford Falcon XY GTHO Phase III Odyssey around Australia
Throwing 50-year-old Phase III GTHO Falcons at 16,000km of mostly outback Australian roads may seem mad, but it was all for the right reasons